The SEARCH BAR is the best place to start a new search. You can start out with a keyword, or dive into a more specific search by holding library, author name, date of publication, language, or a number of other filters!

The DISPLAY CONTROL on the top right lets you scale each item by its page count or popularity between undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. If you want more information about your current collection, you can also view the items in a sortable list.

The GRAPH plots each item by its subject heading and date of publication. You can click on a dot to view more information about it in the Inspector. You can also use your arrow keys to explore the dots, ↑ or ↓ to navigate by subject heading, and ← or → to navigate by date of publication.

The colorful SUBJECT BAR allows you to dive into the complex taxonomy of the Library of Congress call number system. Each subject is subdivided into more subjects, which you can explore by clicking on a bar. The height of the segment corresponds to the number of items returned in each subject of Harvard’s library.

The TIME CHART below shows how many items in the collection meet your criteria by year of publication. The bar chart doubles as a slider that controls the zoom level for the main graph.

The INSPECTOR on the right holds specific data about each item. If you'd like to save the item for later, you can add it to your Stack. You can also start a more specific search by clicking on any author name, call number subject, or subject keyword.

Your STACK is a personalized collection that you create as you explore the collection. You can add and remove items from the inspector, and then export your Stack as either a table or a downloadable CSV.

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